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Maripool is the moniker of Lisbon-born, London based songwriter Natasha Simões, a self-described “one girl band” who works entirely solo, writing and playing on her guitar-driven, bedroom-pop arrangements. 

Perhaps there was something in the air that night, but a mere Twenty-Four hours spent in the Capitol was all it took for Simões to realise that if she wanted to pursue a career in music, she would have to listen to her gut over the sensibilities of others, and take the first leap into the unknown.

Honing her craft in an array of different guises, Simões would eventually fall upon what would soon become the world of Maripool- a captivating mix described as: “the aerial melancholy that swirls between the delightful wonders of articulated shoegaze, and a witching hour state of deep-blue dreaming.” 

Maripool’s debut single ‘Blindness’ received critical acclaim from the likes of DIY Magazine’s: “Neu-Bulletin”, So Young Magazine, and Pitchfork.