Elijah Wolf

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At its core, this is an album about stopping in your tracks long enough to observe andappreciatethe beauty that surrounds you, even when things seem like they’re at theirworst,” says Elijah Wolf. “It’s about looking into the darkness andfinding the light.”

Given the state of the world these days, it’s hard to imagine a more fitting—andnecessary—moment for Wolf’s stunning new collection, ‘Brighter Lighting,’ to land.Recorded with acclaimed producer Sam Cohen (Kevin Morby, Andrew Combs)and anall-star band including Wilco guitarist Nels Cline, the album marks the start of anadventurous new chapter for Wolf, who moves beyond the spare and isolated bedroomfolk of his earlier work here in favor of a more collaborative, immersive sound. Therecord’s arrangements are lush and textured, fueled by vintage synthesizers andpsychedelic guitars that come together in swirling Technicolor landscapes, and thewriting is bold and ambitious to match, hinting at everything from Fleetwood Mac toKurt Vile as it reckons with doubt and hope, anxiety and comfort, loneliness andconnection. There is nostalgia and longing in the music, to be sure, but ultimately‘Brighter Lighting’ is a meditation on growing up and being present, on gainingperspective by sitting still in a world that, for all its painful flaws and shortcomings,remains a place of infinite possibility and wonder.